Google is working on another bottom tab switcher for Chrome on Android

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Google has been toying with a bottom bar on Chrome for Android for a long time. First appearing in 2018, “Duplex” (as it was known at the time) was an experiment that added a bottom navigation bar to Chrome. It was later renamed to “Duet” and changed several times before being removed. Now, the company is working on a different bottom bar, this time for tabs.

A new Chrome flag allows users to add a tab bar across the bottom in Chrome for Android. This flag originally appeared earlier this year, but now it’s in the beta channel of Chrome 84. The bar is pretty straightforward: it sorts your open tabs in a strip as circles with the site’s favicon. Just tap on one of the icons to switch to the tab.

The tabs look very similar to Chrome for Android’s implementation of tab groups. With the tab bar enabled, there’s still a tab button with the number of tabs in the top bar, which seems redundant. Regardless, the bottom strip is a much quicker way to switch between tabs. Rather than tapping a button to see the tabs first, they are always present on the screen. It’s much closer to a desktop-like experience.

As mentioned, this is available in Chrome 84 beta. You can enable to flag at chrome://flags/#enable-conditional-strip, however, it does appear to not be working for everyone (it worked for me after force close/clear cache). It’s likely that there’s some other stuff that needs to be switched on from Google’s end. Regardless, the fact that this is present in the beta channel is a good sign of a stable release.

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